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Foreground to background, everything is thought of.

Foreground to background, everything is thought of.
We preach good SEO at EF5 Digital, so why do so many companies design sites that are nice on the eyes – but fail in the eyes of Google? Trust us when we say there’s more to a great website than just good looks.

The Google AI now focuses highly on ranking websites with a better user experience. User Experience design has to take into account not only the traffic we bring to your site – but the length of which they have meaningful interactions with your website.

Pushing your audience to convert, plus giving them a meaningful, authentic interaction with your brand is our main goal (while of course making it look damn good at the same time).

From website design to logo and brand ideation, we build you a tool shed full of tools for you to use to give your customers the best experience at every stage of their digital customer journey. We’ve seen incredible results for our clients, growing their audience and customer base tenfold, all thanks to a site that focuses solely on your potential users.

Your online ‘round the clock’ salesperson.

More than just a shop front for your business, your website is your online ‘round the clock’ salesperson. It’s quite often the first interaction anyone has with your brand – so it makes sense to make it the very best version of you. At Sydney Digital Marketing, we’re a web design agency who prides themselves on getting to know the nitty-gritty of your brand, business and your audience, and melding these together to create magic that makes your potential customers convert. Make your website something you’re proud of.

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First impressions stick, so why would you introduce yourself to your audience with an average and unengaging logo? Your logo should tell the story of your brand from the very first interaction, why? Because the average consumer only spends 2 seconds considering your brand over your competitors. Colors, tones, fonts – all of this is determined by the story you’re trying to tell, and your logo sets the stage for this story. Your logo is going to be seen everywhere, from front and centre on your website to social badges, marketing collateral, email signatures and so much more. Like we all know, the biggest brands communicate often only through their logo.

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