As of January 2022, an impressive 4.35 million New Zealanders have embraced the power of social media, representing an incredible 89.2% of the nation’s population – creating unprecedented opportunities for businesses to engage with their customers and grow their brands.

Creating Social Media Ads that Wow

The New Zealand population’s increased engagement with social media has presented a promising opportunity for businesses to reach their target audience through social media ads. According to recent estimates, 89.2 percent of the total population had used some form of social media as of the start of 2022, up from 79.6 percent in 2021 – a total increase of 380 thousand users (+9.6 percent). This makes New Zealand one of the most rapidly growing markets in terms of social media use, presenting an attractive proposition for businesses and marketers alike. Companies in New Zealand are now able to leverage advanced targeting tools on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to identify and engage with potential customers more easily than ever before. As businesses continue to recognize the potential that social media advertising offers, we can expect more companies to invest in this channel throughout 2022 and beyond.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads has seen tremendous success in New Zealand. At the start of 2022, it boasted a reach of 62.5 percent of the total population, accounting for over 3 million users. This all-encompassing presence has enabled businesses and organisations of all sizes to expand their reach and connect with customers on a much larger scale than ever before. Companies are able to target potential customers with precision and accuracy by leveraging the immense data that Facebook collects from its users. Through the use of sophisticated algorithms and an understanding of user behaviour, companies can tailor ads to be more relevant and effective, maximising their return on investment. With such a powerful platform at their disposal, businesses have been able to improve engagement rates, increase brand awareness, generate leads, and drive conversions — making Facebook Ads an invaluable asset for brands looking to succeed in New Zealand’s digital landscape.

Instagram Ads

Instagram is a powerful advertising platform in New Zealand. According to recent statistics, the country had 2.40 million users on Instagram by early 2022, and this figure represents an impressive 49.2 percent of the total population. This indicates that a significant portion of New Zealanders are using Instagram, providing companies with a great opportunity to target their ads at potential customers. The platform’s targeting capabilities enable brands to tailor their messages to specific audiences, increasing the likelihood of conversions and maximising return on investment for advertisers. With Instagram Ads, marketers can also reach wider audiences through various channels such as Stories and Explore, further expanding their reach and boosting their brand visibility. Furthermore, businesses can take advantage of tools like automation and reporting to streamline their ad campaigns and track performance data in real-time. By leveraging the power of Instagram Ads, businesses in New Zealand have access to a powerful tool for achieving success online.

TikTok Ads

TikTok is quickly becoming one of the largest social media platforms in the world, and its influence is growing. In New Zealand, TikTok had 1.46 million users aged 18 and above in early 2022, representing a significant portion of the population. The power of this platform is further demonstrated by their ad reach, which was 38.9 percent of all adults aged 18 and above in New Zealand at the start of 2022. This provides an incredible opportunity for businesses to advertise their products or services to a wide audience on TikTok and engage with potential customers. With more people joining this app every day and seeing unique content from brands, it is no wonder why so many are turning to it as a powerful marketing tool. Tiktok ads offer fast results, due to their ability to target specific audiences using relevant content tailored just for them; allowing companies to maximise their reach and connect with potential customers on a personal level. With TikTok’s ever-growing user base, there are unlimited opportunities for businesses to take advantage of the platform’s powerful advertising capabilities.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads are becoming increasingly popular in New Zealand. With over 2.3 million members, businesses are turning to LinkedIn to reach their target audience and increase their brand presence. LinkedIn offers a variety of targeting and optimization tools to help marketers maximise the benefits of advertising on the platform. In 2021, LinkedIn saw an impressive 40 percent growth in ad spend from New Zealand companies, and this trend looks set to continue in 2022 with more businesses taking advantage of the platform’s ability to target highly engaged users who have opted into viewing ads. Additionally, the audience size combined with its high engagement rate makes it an attractive option for advertisers, who can be sure that any campaigns they launch have a good chance of reaching their desired market segment. As a result, more businesses are investing in LinkedIn Ads as part of an effective digital marketing strategy, providing many potential opportunities for savvy marketers.

Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads are growing in popularity in New Zealand, reaching 11.3 percent of the population in early 2022. With more than 550,000 users here in NZ, marketers and brands have an accessible platform to reach potential customers and encourage brand loyalty. As Twitter Ads allow users to target specific demographics and interests, it is a great opportunity for businesses of all sizes to build awareness and increase engagement with their products or services. Furthermore, Twitter Ads can be used as an effective tool to boost organic reach, by amplifying content created by influencers or individual users who are passionate about a given product or service. As such, Twitter Ads offer advertisers an efficient way to find new customers and better engage existing ones.

Pinterest Ads

Pinterest has seen great success in New Zealand, with more than 750,000 users in early 2022 and a 15.5 percent ad reach across the population. This number is growing as people discover how easy it is to create boards, share images and videos, and even purchase products from within the app. By focusing on personalisation, Pinterest allows advertisers to target their campaigns more accurately to their desired audience – making it an attractive platform for marketers. With its strong visual appeal, user engagement and ability to measure ROI effectively, there’s no doubt that many brands are turning to Pinterest Ads for their next campaign.


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Why do I need Social Media Marketing?

There are 4.48 billion social media users worldwide, This means, when expressed in the right way, your brand efficacy can be personally communicated to target audiences across an immense reach. Social Media marketing will amplify your voice and cultivate quality interactions with your customers – to generate leads from scaled engagement in two-way conversations. While you need Social Media marketing, the incredible reach promised by its network is far more effective when you focus on the quality of your message as well as its quantity. Thus, social media sites can spur multiple relevant conversations because your audience has a genuine interest in your services. Social media has modified the way we communicate, reshaping the way we share opinions and recommendations about items and services we use regularly. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn and Twitter allow anyone to become an opinion leader, sourcing information from their experiences online to shape the public’s view of your brand. Therefore, it is vital that you cultivate this reputation online first, with your influence and direction, and not let subjective information from others cloud your brand image. For this reason, social media is also great for making a first impression.

What is a Social Media Marketing Strategy and do I really need one?

A comprehensive and holistic social media marketing strategy will ensure that your social media efforts not only create small wins, but are working to support your broader business goals. Without an understanding of how social media can be leveraged to achieve your goals, who your target audience is, what they want and what KPIs you are looking to hit it’ll be hard to achieve results on social media. We won’t lie, it is much easier to hopp on Facebook ad manager and spend a few minutes whipping up an ad that goes out to everyone. Yet, this example is lacking and begging for strategy. With social media marketing you get out what you put in. This means uncoordinated and erratic posting whilst quick to do will ultimately be a waste of your time and resources. Your time and money is best spent on marketing that has a robust and comprehensive blueprint so you achieve long-lasting, measured results. At EF5 Digital we perform a holistic audit that looks at your current performance and online presence, what your competition is doing and your goals so we can help you achieve them.

How does EF5 Digital use Social Media marketing to help brands like mine?

At EF5 Digital Marketing we are a relationship-built, ROI driven team that tailor your message and Social Media strategy to the nature of your business. We will work closely with you to adapt your marketing objectives effectively, and to maximise your returns from platforms suited to you. Our proven results and experience in social media engagement, will relevantly place your brand where your customers have the highest chance of clicking your content. To capture your brand’s personality and tone, we will promote your products and services through our signature lens of creativity. We will garner authentic leads by capturing and retaining the user’s attention with interesting visuals, design and paid ads – to convert sales. Our social media experts will create smart paid ad campaigns that focus on matching your identity and tone with the medium that best fits your objective and brand. We’re fluent in social media marketing. We understand that this personable method of communication should not be ignored, as all of social’s leading edge platforms are able to deliver massive awareness, traffic, leads and conversions in a style fit for you. Generate Leads and Sales You will achieve a cost-effective return on investment, through campaigns that target your specific personas and demographics. Using Facebook Audience Insights to test and build advertisements relevant to your target market. From these insights, we know whether your content should educate, inform, tell a story, or do all three. Expand Your Reach and Visibility Engage your potential customers authentically across Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. Your reach is only as effective as the relevance of your ads to your potential customers. Identify Suitable Social Media Channels For Your Services and Products To commence your online campaign we will develop a social media strategy fit for your business. Specific objectives will determine the right platforms for you to use – effectively guiding your return on investment & branded message.

Which social media platform will give me the best results?

While the natural assumption is that you should be on all the popular platforms, this can be counterproductive if not executed with a strategy. Instead, focus on a couple of platforms that are highly popular among your target audience. So the best platforms to use will vary for each business. At EF5 Digital Marketing, we assess your product or service and ensure that we are placing your ads on the platform best suited for you.

What makes a good Facebook ad?

With Facebook’s more than 2 billion users every business wants to know how to successfully capture an audience and generate leads through cost effective Facebook advertising. Due to its scale, no matter what kind of audience you want to reach on Facebook, you will find them but this does not mean any old facebook ad will give you the results you are looking for. AtEF5 Digital we help our clients maximise their ROI with Facebook ads that have gone through A/B tests with optimised creative, ad copy, audiences and landing pages. What makes a stellar Facebook ad is one that is made to reach your audience and goals. A cookie cutter approach will greatly jeopardise your social media marketing efforts, our Facebook ad specialists will ensure we deliver specialised campaigns for whatever your needs may be.

Is Instagram advertising right for my business?

Believe it or not, Facebook is not the only social media marketing platform out there and in fact ignoring strategies like Instagram advertising could be holding you back from great opportunities. With over 1 billion active users every month and 82% of NZ users saying they are open to discovering new brands or products on the platform, Instagram ads can open you up to an engaged, young and exciting new audience. Instagram’s ad formats are the same as Facebook’s meaning carousel, slideshow, single image and video are all options available for your branded content. Ultimately, it all depends on your businesses’ specific needs, audience and goals. Lucky for you the EF5 Digital ad specialists work with clients to build an optimised social media marketing strategy ranging from Instagram to Facebook and LinkedIn.

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